Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read through ALL of these before sending us an email. Your question may be answered below! Thanks!)

Do I need to be a resident of Apex to join your club?

No! We have members from Holly Springs, Wake Forest, and Cary amongst our Apex residents! We welcome men and women with an interest in gardening. Older children with a serious interest in gardening are permitted to attend in the company of a parent or guardian.

There is a certain plant I would love to get. Can I make a request for that plant to be available at Peakfest so I may buy it from your club?

You may make an informal request to a member of the club, but we cannot guarantee that any particular plant will be available during Peakfest, due to Mother Nature and demand. Also, if the plant is patented, we cannot help you.

I would like the club to help me put a garden at my school, office, place of business, etc. What can I do?

We regret that we cannot help organizations outside the Apex area due to a lack of resources. In those cases it would be best to contact your local garden club. Otherwise, if you are local, we may offer tips to help you plan your project. Priority will be given to non-profit community groups. While we cannot build your garden for you, members may have plants to donate to your cause, depending on the season and availability. You may send us an email using the Contact Us link to inquire.

Do I have to be a master gardener or an expert to join your club?

No! We have gardeners of all levels in our club. Some have lived in NC their whole lives and others are transplants; some are beginners and others have years of experience. We welcome your questions.

How do I get anything to grow in this clay?

You can try a raised bed, incorporate Permatill, compost, or other organic amendments/soil conditioners to the soil to improve drainage and reduce compaction issues. Also consider plants that are already well-adapted to growing in clay.

Why can't I grow the same plants here in Apex that I grew in my hometown? I am from a northern or western state.

Our growing zone is 7b. We live in an area with high heat and humidity in the summer, and low chilling hours in the winter. Many traditional garden plants cannot tolerate these conditions for long. Read the labels carefully on any plant you are considering purchasing, or consult a (real) garden center/store for advice. We will also be happy to give you recommendations on plants that will work for you!

I am looking for a specific member or officer of your club. How can I get in touch with them?

If you are a current paid member, you should have access to the membership list with everyone's contact information on a Word Document or PDF. This is not a public list, due to privacy/spam concerns. If you are not a member of the club, use the Contact Us link and we will forward your question on to the appropriate person.

I would like your club to add my website (or this website I found) to your links list. Can you add it please? My professor/teacher/employer/etc. will be very impressed with me. If your website does not reference gardening in the Carolinas or a speaker from one of our past meetings, then we will not add it. Our links page is meant to be a resource for local gardeners and our members, and includes local links, or links to topics we have discussed at past meetings. We do not include links to random gardening resources that are not pertinent to this area. Thanks for your understanding!